3 Amazing Bamboo Alternatives for Everyday Items

Bamboo is a traditional leader among eco-friendly alternatives to common materials: bamboo is actually a grass, which means producing bamboo goods doesn’t require deforestation. It is very common in Asian countries, meaning cheaper prices, and it had been used in a variety of purposes for centuries. As a result, a huge array of bamboo products is available at affordable prices today. In this article, we’re going to review some bamboo alternatives to products you use every day.

  1. Bamboo Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillows

Some people may be surprised to learn that bamboo is a suitable material for pillows. In fact, bamboo fiber is a very flexible and supple material, which makes it perfect for pillows with memory effect. This particular model comes with a removable pillowcase that is easy to wash and change if needed.

Looking for a minimalistic accessory that will add to your style while being eco-friendly at the same time? It may sound like an impossible task but this watch is a perfect example of an accessory that combines all of these qualities. Made of bamboo and vegan leather, most of this watch will biodegrade in no time. This watch will be a great gift to anyone who cares about the environment or buy it for yourself to add to your style while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

Tired of plastic combs that give your hair static and keep pulling it out? It’s time to change your comb for a bamboo alternative. This wide-tooth comb will be great at gently combing your hair without pulling it out or giving it unnecessary static. Take it with you in your makeup bag or a pocket — the portable size will allow you to freshen up your hair anywhere.

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