3 Essentials for an Eco-Picnic You Won’t Forget

Now that the weather is subsiding from scorching hot to comfortably warm, it may be the best time to take a stroll to your favorite park and have a picnic with your friends. Picnics, however, can end up being particularly eco-unfriendly — disposable tableware that piles up after every picnic can decompose for millions of years. To help our planet and reduce its plastic burden, take a look at these essentials to help you have a wonderful and eco-friendly picnic.

  1. Bamboo Tableware Set

As you know, disposable crockery is not the most environmentally friendly idea for a picnic. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to carry fragile ceramic plates from home! There is an option: this bamboo dinnerware set is a lightweight, eco-friendly solution for your picnic. Wash the set and use again or dispose of the set: it won’t be long until it will enrich the soil without adding to the waste our planet already has.

It’s easy to enjoy coffee on your picnic without carrying those chunky thermoses! Grab this portable coffee mug and don’t sweat about having to recycle your disposable cups. Available in multiple sizes, you can use this mug as a portable alternative to your thermos or opt for a smaller size if you know that one cup of coffee is your limit! Pick a design you like the most and enjoy your hot drink for longer!

A good summer picnic is hard to imagine without refreshing lemonade. To reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of waste our planet already has, check out these reusable drinking straws. Apart from their environmental benefits, these straws are available in colorful designs that will add greatly to your eco-friendly coffee set!

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