3 Reasons Why Linen is The Best Eco-Friendly Fabric You Can Wear

During summertime, you can see clothes of certain material irrevocably flooding clothing stores. Of course, this material is linen, which becomes extremely popular during the hot summer months. However, if you care about the environment, you may have a question: how sustainable is linen? Are linen-based clothes really as good as they’re painted? Spoiler alert: they are! In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why linen is a great fabric for you to wear.

Linen is an exceptionally sturdy fabric.

Linen has been historically used in a variety of ways, serving as a canvas for painters and even as one of the materials used to make American dollar bills! It’s linen’s sturdiness that allowed it to be used in such ways, and it is used to make durable clothing that will serve you for years. It means that it won’t become thin as quickly as other fabrics, which means less frequent shopping, and, ultimately, less carbon footprint.

It decomposes extremely fast.

Pure linen can decompose in as little as two weeks, which means your old t-shirt won’t chill on the garbage dump for the next million years like your polyester t-shirt. So, if you care about the ecological effects of your clothing choices, pick linen with a minimum of other fabrics in the blend and choose natural hues (like beige, tan, and gray — dyes may hinder the decomposing process).

Linen is sustainable.

Apart from being bio-degradable, linen’s organic background gives it a number of benefits: it is naturally moth resistant and can draw moisture from your skin without holding the bacteria, hence linen doesn’t trap odors as other fabrics do. It also takes significantly fewer resources to produce linen clothing: while producing one cotton t-shirt requires approximately 713 gallons (or 2,700 liters) of water, one linen t-shirt requires only 1,7 gallons (or 6,7 liters)  in order to be made.

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