8 Surprising Ways to Reuse Things You’d Normally Throw Away

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean a lot of effort: a lot of people simply prefer to sticking to their old habits, while there are so many creative things you can do to maintain an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. In this article, we’ll share some creative ways to upcycle things we normally put in the trash.  

  1. Give your old towels and blankets to your pet or give them to your local animal shelter: animals will thank you for a warm and comfortable place to sit.
  2. Used coffee grounds can be a great base for a homemade exfoliant. Alternatively, you can add them to your garden soil or plant pots.
  3. Taking up gardening can put a lot of waste to good use: food scraps can be composted, and egg cartons can be used as a first home to your seedlings.
  4. Find local charities in your area that need old clothing. You can also find recycling centers where old fabrics can be used to make new clothes and accessories.
  5. Don’t pour pasta water away: unsalted and chilled pasta water can benefit your plants in a lot of ways. Rich in fiber and minerals, it can satisfy your plants’ need for minerals and nutrients. Alternatively, pasta water can be used as a great base for a pasta sauce.
  6. Did you know your old keyboard is a perfect seedling starter?
  7. Old magazines and newspapers can be used as wrapping paper or as floor covering if you decide to do some renovation at your house. It always an option to use old papers and old candle wax as tools for making fire starters.
  8. Old pillow covers can make for a good set of rags, just like your old jeans can also be shredded for most durable and sturdy rags you’ve ever used.
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